VenusA-Valve® Delivery Catheter System

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The catheter systems include delivery catheter system (DCS) and compression loading system (CLS). DCS includes a pushing handle, outer sheath and a tip, which could freely pass through guide catheter. And CLS could hold the transcatheter valve replacement device. 
There is a hole designed between the DCS. At the distal (deployment) end of the catheter is a special designed tip, which could prevent trauma in vessels when moving and retracting during surgery. The proximal end of the catheter is a handle, which could facilitate precise and efficient placement of the valve. The length of the catheter should be enough to ensure the guide wire push the valve to the precise place.
There are radiopaque marks on the delivery catheter, which can clearly locate the tip of the catheter during surgery. The outer sheath radiopaque could locate the valve during deployment.


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