Two Types Of Core Materials:

  • 304v STAINLESS STEEL CORE- high performance stainless steel core, provide excellent support and flexibility
  • 304v + NITINOL - provides superior flexibility and durability; improved torque response

Two Types Of Core Design:

  • Core-to-Tip - provides series tip stiffness, good touch feedback, easy to control,moderate support.
  • Shaping Ribbon - outstanding flexibility and better at maintaining tip shape.

Excellent Radiopacity:

  • The distal 3cm coil at the tip made from Platinum wire provides excellent radiopacity under x-rays or fluoroscopy and accurate touch feedback for physicians.

Hydrophilic Coating:

  • A Hydrophilic coating is applied to the distal 30cm coiled end of the guidewire, which enables easier lesion crossing.

PTFE Coating on Middle and Proximal Sections:

  • Reduces friction,improves pushability and device compatibility.
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