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Hijazi Medical Supplies


Jordan's unique, strategic location in the heart of the Middle East, as well as being at part of the African, European and Asian Production and consumption markets, makes it a link between the three continents. Throughout the years Jordan was able to provide a base of political and economic stability. Therefore, Jordan has been for many years a focal trading center in the Middle East, open to foreign investment, with one of the youngest, most highly educated population in the region. Today, Jordan has proved its ability to grow and is now well positioned to reap the rewards of any improvements in the political and economic integration of the region. On the same hand, Jordan is the ideal base for businesses interested in investing in the Middle East and North Africa region, Offering unparalleled opportunities for companies establishing a regional base in a country with numerous opportunities for doing business, especially after the economic and legal reform it went through,Currently, Jordan is performing major reforms in the healthcare sector. Hospitals and medical centers are being renovated; investments are made in Hi-Tec medical equipment, along with settlement of mutual relationship Jordan's Ministry of Health seeking with coequals in further countries. HMS is situated in Amman, the capital. In addition, HMS has established a regional office in the free zone which gives a hand facilitating the transfer of products between countries.

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54 Ibn Zareeq Street , Sport City,

P.O Box 960377 Amman 11196

Tel : +962 6 5154826 
Fax : +962 6 5154825

Email : info@hijazibros.com

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